Saturday, 13 October 2012

All Our Favourite Stories

We've all been waiting months for 8th October and on Monday the big day finally arrived; the release date for Dog Is Dead's debut album All Our Favourite Stories.

Everything I though it would be, it is. I am in love with it! Before the Cd arrived I was listening to Lucy Rose's debut album Like I Used To non-stop but I have listened to nothing else since Monday and I love it!

The album is just full of a great range of upbeat - soft and mellow songs to fit your change in mood. Dog Is Dead have really done it. Track One of the album is Get Low which is a great opener to the album as it shows off the whole Dog Is Dead package (brilliant harmonies, talented instrumentals and powerful lyrics). The album continues on with some of the more 'famous' songs such as Glockenspiel Song, Two Devils, Talk Through The Night and Hands Down. My personal favourite track is Do The Right Thing. I'm not quite sure as to why it's my favourite because I love all the songs on the album but this one just stands out for me and when I heard it for the first time, even from the beginning of the track I could tell it was going to be a great song. I'm currently using Do The Right Thing as my alarm to get me up for school in the mornings which is a lovely way to start the day. However, I do just lay in bed until the track finishes singing along to it (usually with a croaky, dying-cat sounding voice). 

All in all, I give All Our Favourite Stories 10/10. They're my favourite band at the moment, but unusually there isn't one song on the album I don't like, or didn't like on hearing it the first time. My opinion may be slightly biased as I am so obsessed with them in general at the moment, but I truly do recommend this record. 

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