Friday, 31 May 2013

The End Is Nigh

Woah, 2013 has already flown by and I feel like I've done nothing with my time, except go to the odd gig or... seven. I cannot believe that finally, after 12 years of being at various schools I am nearly at the end, I can see it but I'm not quite there yet.
I won't quite know what to do with myself when I have left, no revision to be doing, no dragging myself out of bed at 7am every day, no longer having to see some people I have known longer than I can remember. It is all just a strange concept and at the moment, I am very unclear of how I feel about it.
I know that I am glad to be leaving school, but there's a part of me that will miss it, not necessarily some of the people, but just school in general.

However, I cannot wait to go to college! I am super duper looking forward to no longer being forced to learn subjects I don't want to learn (cough geography, science and german cough). Being able to finally do what I want to do excites me and hopefully it will bring a whole new adventure for me, finally I can be the person I want to be! Goodbye weirdo school girl and bonjour even weirder college student.