Monday, 24 September 2012


Festival season is now over which I'm sad about. But luckily I managed to go to one festival this year, Blissfields. I went to Blissfields once before in 2009 with my mum, two sisters and their boyfriends. Last year, one of my sister's went with her boyfriend and this year she asked me if I wanted to go with a friend. Obviously, I accepted the offer and had a wonderful time. I love festival atmosphere, it gives off such a great vibe!

Blissfields isn't a huge festival like Reading/Leeds or Glastonbury etc. but it was a great small festival. I didn't get a chance to try out much of the food as my friend and I brought quite a bit of snacky food that we would just eat whenever we wanted. But on the last night we had a burrito, which was good except from the fact is had a herb (which I've forgotten the name of) inside it that gave it a soap taste, so I ended up throwing some away. Also there were a few clothing/jewellery stalls at Blissfields, one of which was a vintage style stall selling lots of lovely vintage bags, clothes, jewellery and shoes. There was a satchel-styled bag that I intended on buying but I thought it was quite expensive, bearing in mind that the buckle on it was broken. But there were gorgeous necklaces and earrings.

The music at Blissfields this year was amazing. So many good new artists, a lot who have only recently released their debut album, or their debut albums are coming up with in the next couple of months. For example, Lucy Rose (album released today- 24th Sept), Dog Is Dead (8th Oct), Jake Bugg (15th Oct). Before arriving at the site, I had only heard of a couple of bands/singers; I already knew The Noisettes, Charlotte Church, Sixnationstate and I'd heard a few songs from The Novatones, Dog Is Dead, Emily and the Woods and King Charles. However, I was blown away by every band/singer I saw, everyone performed so well. My favourites were The Novatones on the Thursday night, Emily and the Woods playing an acoustic set sat down in the audience because she had a technical difficulty and she decided to sit with us to play, which was amazing, and Dog Is Dead. I loved Dog Is Dead, they played Teenage Daughter and the whole crowd were dancing around mad. They finished on Glockenspiel Song (my favourite) which was filled with brilliant harmonies and the lovely sound of Trev's saxophone. After seeing them, my friend and I then went back out to the main stage to watch the end of The Noisettes set, who were great as usual. 

All in all, my festival experience this year was good, and I think that Blissfields 2012, may be the best festival I have been to so far, due to the fact that I was older this year as my last festival was in 2009 and I was 12 at the time, so I didn't really appreciate the music that was there, which is a shame because I went to Bestival in 2009 and Florence and The Machine, Elbow, Lily Allen, MGMT, Little Boots, Jack Penate, The Horrors, Friendly Fires and Bat For Lashes played and I don't really remember any of it. Also I think I preferred Blissfields this year because it was the first year I had a friend with me, and even though we came with my sister we were in a separate tent and we went off and did our own thing and saw different bands which was really nice.

Goodbye Festivals, see you again some time.

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