Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Band Review: Fenech-Soler

Fenech-Soler have been a band since 2006 from Northamptonshire. Their debut, self titled album was released in 2010 featuring tracks such as Lies, Stop And Stare and Demons. This week was the release of their second album Rituals

I have seen the band twice, at Blissfields Festival and at Victorious Festival, and they are an incredibly good live band. When I first saw the band (Blissfields) I was unaware of who they are and what music they play but when I heard them I knew I'd like them. After the festival, I was intrigued and had to hear more of their music. I was thrilled when I realised that the band were due to play at Victorious Festival as I had been listening to their debut album non-stop. I managed to get to the front of the crowd at Victorious and take some snaps of the band. 

Personally, I really enjoy the band's music and I would most definitely recommend them to others. My favourite songs from Rituals are: All I Know, Last Forever and Magnetic, and my favourites from Fenech-Soler are: Golden SunStop And Stare and Demons

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